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Damian Kress My name is Damian Kreß and I am a nineteen-year-old music artist from Germany. I play Electro House.
Why Nifty Fine?
I have a background with the number fifty-nine and I like stupid puns.
What do you want?
Your soul, your money, your girl and the last beer in your fridge.
Tell me something about you.
I have been deejaying (professionally) since mid/end 2009, and I started producing my own tracks in 2010.
My interest in music has always been huge, so I started playing the guitar (later on also the electric guitar) before I started playing drums. Now I do not have anyone to teach me producing electronic music who could give me professional feedback, so the only feedback I get is from the audience.
Tell me about your music.
I like my music loud. This probably is a result of my past in the punk-rock scene, which probably is my main influence. I went to my first non-local punk-concert at the age of 12 (Misfits & The Exploited) and spent all day annoying my parents with loud music from my computer and my guitar amp. As I grew older my musical taste got broader, and when I came in touch with electronic music through my older sister more and more, I quickly found myself searching the internet for Axwell's, Dada Life's and Moonbootica's (to name a few) latest live mix. Of course, it did not take me long to buy my first MIDI-controller in order to start DJing myself. The next step for every DJ is producing, so that automatically came along after a while.
My music sounds like the rejected son of Godzilla and David Hasselhoff with Laser Guns. I have a faible for raw synthesizers and a heavy-metal feeling on electro tracks supported by wild drum patterns, and although I am not a fan of defining an artist's "style" (which oftenly is mistaken as uniformity...), I think the red line you can find throughout my tracks is the lack of melodeous synth leads which makes room for massive basslines or beefy percussions alongside smashy crash-cymbals.
Awesome! How can I book you?
I'll be traveling through New Zealand and Australia until early 2012, but feel free to leave me an e-mail at the contact section for further information!
Thank you for your time and attention.


Be Different II with Beatfreak&Noyze, Hr. Erb
Venue: Foyer, Dabringhausen
VVK: 1€ // MVZ: 5€ - keine Abendkasse!
I ♥ WK with Beatfreak&Noyze, DJ Hillsrocker
Venue: Bürgerzentrum, Wermelskirchen
VVK: 8€ // AK: 10€ // MVZ: 5€
Electro Pop with Beatfreak&Noyze and many more
Venue: Kesselhaus, Wipperfürth
VVK: 5€ // AK: 7€ // MVZ: 5€